Video App Agent Pro

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A Unique Word Press plugin for Video App Suite Agencies for making it appear to be hosting their Video App Suite applications from their own website.


The Current Discounted Price Is Only Available Until the End of August 2019.


Video App Agent is the must have WordPress plugin if you are, or ever plan to sell Video App Suite Applications to customers.

The standard URLs for all the applications are nice and generic, however they do contain a variable on the end which is vital in order to show your white label image and application name.

Example: The URL for  Intro Outro Expert looks  something like:
It will open the application using the White labelled name and display the custom image.
The ?plrId=12345 part on the end is what tells the application server what title and image to show the  user.
If a user decides to shorten the URL and only go to they will see the default Intro Outro Expert Application.

Using the Video App Agent plugin allows Agents to provide their clients with a URL using their own domain name avoiding the possibility of the default application being displayed to them.

It works by adding a new page template to WordPress that is then used to create new pages for each application.
The template disables all of your headers, menus and footers, so it only displays the application as it should be displayed.

This plugin contains:

  • Full Documentation
  • Automatic Update Notifications
  • Bonus Spreadsheet to Manage Your Apps
  • Full Support & Free Updates


The Current Discounted Price Is Only Available Until the End of August 2019.



30 Day Money Back Guarantee



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